Bababoboa International Project

BABABOBOA is the general name of an international contemporary Art project that means “Crazy” as the majority of the population considers people doing Art especially here in city like Bangkok Metropolis. Every year a different subject will be developed.


Bababoboa first edition‘s festival title is PAURA/FEAR/KLUA. FEAR is a very serious issue for Thai culture, often full of Ghosts and terrific stories. But FEAR is also a feeling always present in all foreign community living in Bangkok: fear of misunderstand; fear to lose the job etc

FEAR is just a normal feeling of artist of all over the world, especially in this ugly time so materialistic: fear to be forgotten in some cabinet as useless puppets!

This feeling is developed in several different ways; privileging ironic and positive atmospheres to let the audience full smiling immerge in our Bangkokian challenges.


Theatre of Art, Visual Art, Multimedia are experiencing a tough season due to the hard international crisis. But every society may respond about their way to focus on tired business practices to accumulate materialistic goods. It is clear that we need to start a process of new cultural “Rinascimento” (Renaissance) to involve all Art communities and citizens.

Bangkok is great example of an international and permanent business “open-air workshop” where generally people look only to have some profit. So Bangkok is a perfect land to operate an interdisciplinary action in the field of Art and Culture.

This year is the time of PAURA, FEAR.

FEAR Poster copy

FEAR is an innovative project because it is, simultaneously cross-cultural, multidisciplinary and integrated, with a huge outputs and a financial strategy which allows long term sustainability.

The project is articulated in two main sections, linking in synergic way Performing and Visual Arts. Other sections will be involved supporting external communication of this event to a larger people as possible. Photography, video-documentary and publications will be main instrument able to produce vast range of outputs.

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6 PINOCCHIO’S freely inspired by Lorenzini and Pirandello

No Peace Without Justice

6 Characters copy

“BABABOBOA” Festival first appointment is a piece called “6 PINOCCHIO’s” ALL SOUL production Theatre and MT Actor Studio production in collaboration with TADU’ Art and Exhibition Center.

The 18-19-20 January 2013 the performance will be displayed at ALL SOUL Chamber Theatre and on the 25-26 January 2013 at the Thailand Guitar Society. The performance has gotten an invitation to be performed during the World Symposium on Global Encounters in Southeast Asian Performing Arts, co-hosted by Bangkok University, Thailand and University of Victoria, Canada. ( 1-3 February 2013). Saturday 2 February 2013 the event will take place at 7 pm representing the International Theatre Section of the Symposium.

“6 Pinocchio’s” is freely inspired by the Adventures of Pinocchio of Carlo Lorenzini alias Collodi and the “Six Characters in Search of an Author” of Luigi Pirandello.



Six superior puppets (marionette) just get off from an ancient wardrobe after a long sleep of centuries. They are surprised, everything is not like before. They may learn and study the new reality around them and, maybe, find some audience to tell stories with sincerity, because our Pinocchios can lie, but only when they can’t avoid doing that.

Philosophy and Concepts

Those texts look only apparently far each other, as the common believe is that Pinocchio is a children’s tale and the 6 Characters is a research of sincere realism in opposition of the pessimistic relativism that aims Pirandello’s philosophy. This is partially true if we think in “literature” way, referring only to the two books.

In theatre way the approaches of the two writers represent, for both of them, an innovative way to refresh our Italian main performing tradition: La Commedia dell’Arte.


Pinocchio is one of the youngest Commedia full body mask. The intelligent and metaphorical chapter of the Adventure when Pinocchio went to the theatre represents his entrance on stage of the longest Theatre tradition ever seems. Inside of the marionette’s theatre owned by the master puppet “Mangiafuoco”, Pinocchio met all his “brothers and sisters and well knows Commedia’s stars as Colombina, Arlecchino and  Pulcinella: from that moment, Pinocchio is a Commedia’s mask.

But Pinocchio is even much more than this. He represents one of the more interesting witnesses of the Italy unity process with all its challenges and its contradictions. Pinocchio is a sincere naughty marionette without string, so without control. His anarchist way to learn from his adventures is clearly in opposition to a new political system looking for order and discipline. By the way, problems don’t come only from one side and for Pinocchio there is not peace without justice.


The “Six Characters in Search of an Author” is an absurdist metatheatrical play about the relationship between authors, their characters and audience.  Pirandello’s idea to build some characters living as “characters” all life, is one of the more both magic and tragic intuition of the story of this Art. Pirandello direction on the script suggest even that Characters may dress some mask: do only characters deserve to be eternal because of their deep sincerity? And what kind of mask Pirandello is looking for:  maybe Pinocchio?


This is the way of the “6 Pinocchio’s” looking for …. An Author maybe, but even looking much more for justice, pace and love in this ugly and unfair time.

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A performance of Maurizio Mistretta

On 23-24-25 November 2012, ALL SOUL Chamber Theater has started its season of national and international Theatre’s productions.

In music ”presto” and “allegro” both indicate a speedy execution and “ma non troppo” indicates some limit: speedy execution, not too much. In the life ALLEGRO MA NON TROPPO means FUNNY BUT NOT TOO MUCH.

Allegro was both funny and speedy, but not too much, developed from Theatre to meta-Theatre.


The first movement was “PAR-KING” short story from “BKK UNDERGROUND” acted by the Actor Studio group. This is a movement expressing a kind of contemporary epopee for Thai new generation living in Bangkok.

Two scenes of theupcoming piece“PERVERSION” and inspired by Samuel Beckett is the second movement investigating about the real FARANG epic dilemma: to dream a different life and to find exactly the same.

The performance ended with a short fragment for “REAL STORY” of the MTheatre production as an example of common destiny waiting all of us both Thai or Foreign.

Real Story was co-produced with NA43 teatro, Pisa and REON Teatro of Bologna for a fantastic success on “DRAMOPHONE” the recent Italian Festival at Bologna. (Pictures and Italian newspaper in attachment)

ALL SOUL Chamber theatre is the intimate venue for contemporary emotions and revolutionary thinking’s.

MTheatre (Bangkok), Nastro Adesivo 43 Teatro (Pisa, Italy), Actor Studio’s Performances (Bangkok) are some of the Resident Groups.

ALLEGRO MA NON TROPPOis also our “re-opening festa” after a great period of Festivals and performances in Italy

The place is open to every project aims to produce theatre of art or entertainment of quality.

Every project, either local or international, will get a real support of the ALL SOUL Production Co., Ltd.

The new venue is located on K.S. Residence, 3 Sukhumvit soi 54, only 300 meters far from On Nut BTS station.

The Cartellone ( list of events) for the 2013 is coming soon.


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Do you feel a student (amateur) or a professional actor?

Tutti mi danno della marionetta, ma il mio sogno e’ di essere un super marionetta con le mie rughe spesse e il mio corpo quasi immobile. Saro’ piccolo quanto vorrete, la scena sovrastera’ la mia piccola testa, e tuttavia dominero’. Il mio corpo scomparira’ , lasciando visibile nient’altro che le mie azioni, e tuttavia io dominero’. Mi sara’ sottratto il movimento, e mi trovero’ in una situazione cosi’ disperata che non mi restera’ altro che una maschera (mask): e tuttavia io dominero’. Tutto questo dovra’ essere fatto con un enorme spirito di sacrificio: non chiedetemi perche’.


All people call me puppet, but my dream is to be a superior puppet with marked wrinkles on my face and unmoving body.  My body will be so small and the scene will be a giant over my head, but I will dominate. My body will disappear, letting up just my actions visible and, any case, I will dominate. My movement will be over and the situation will become so tragic that only a mask will dress my face. By the way, I will dominate. A huge spirit of sacrifice is always required. Don’t ask me why.

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Friendship and Art, which relationship?

Following the opinion of Samuel Barclay Beckett.

“But if love… is a function of man’s sadness, friendship is a function of his cowardice; and, if neither can be realized because of the impenetrability (isolation) of all that is not ‘COSA MENTALE’, at least the failure to possess may have the nobility of that which is tragic, whereas the attempt to communicate where no communication is possible is merely a simian vulgarity, or horribly comic, like the madness that holds a conversation with the furniture.  Friendship, according to Proust, is the negation of that irremediable solitude to which every human being is condemned. Friendship implies an almost piteous acceptance of face values. Friendship is a social expedient, like upholstery or the distribution of garbage buckets. It has no spiritual significance. For the artist, who does not deal in surfaces, the rejection of friendship is not only reasonable, but a necessity, because the only possible spiritual development is in the sense of depth. The artistic tendency is not expansive, but a contraction. And art is the apotheosis of solitude. There is no communication because there are no vehicles of communication.”   Samuel Beckett


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The Re-Opening of ALL SOUL Chamber Theater

ALL SOUL re-open is artistic operations in a new venue close to center of the town.

ALL SOUL Chamber theatre is an intimate venue for contemporary emotions and revolutionary thinking’s.

The theater has 25-30 seats for a weekly activity of Theatre and Multimedia. In the future the number of seats will be extended to 50.

MTheatre (Bangkok), Nastro Adesivo 43 Teatro (Pisa, Italy), Actor Studio’s Performances (Bangkok) are some of the Resident Groups.

The place is open to every theatre group producing theatre of art or entertainment of quality.   Every project, either local or international, will get artistic and logistic supports of the ALL SOUL Production Co., Ltd.

For any production proposal please write to:


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(…) La finzione scenica in quanto prodotto della fantasia e non degli accadimenti costituisce la vera realta’, la realta’ profonda, non quella accidentale degli eventi storici condizionati dal potere del controllo.

(…) Because product of fantasy and not of any casual happens, the scenic fiction is the true reality.

The scenic fiction is the deep true, not the unpredictable historic events manipulated by the power of control.

Somewhere is the enemy, but often people look in the wrong direction.

Don’t worry much my virtual friend: something is coming… to clear… to clean.


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