A performance of Maurizio Mistretta

On 23-24-25 November 2012, ALL SOUL Chamber Theater has started its season of national and international Theatre’s productions.

In music ”presto” and “allegro” both indicate a speedy execution and “ma non troppo” indicates some limit: speedy execution, not too much. In the life ALLEGRO MA NON TROPPO means FUNNY BUT NOT TOO MUCH.

Allegro was both funny and speedy, but not too much, developed from Theatre to meta-Theatre.


The first movement was “PAR-KING” short story from “BKK UNDERGROUND” acted by the Actor Studio group. This is a movement expressing a kind of contemporary epopee for Thai new generation living in Bangkok.

Two scenes of theupcoming piece“PERVERSION” and inspired by Samuel Beckett is the second movement investigating about the real FARANG epic dilemma: to dream a different life and to find exactly the same.

The performance ended with a short fragment for “REAL STORY” of the MTheatre production as an example of common destiny waiting all of us both Thai or Foreign.

Real Story was co-produced with NA43 teatro, Pisa and REON Teatro of Bologna for a fantastic success on “DRAMOPHONE” the recent Italian Festival at Bologna. (Pictures and Italian newspaper in attachment)

ALL SOUL Chamber theatre is the intimate venue for contemporary emotions and revolutionary thinking’s.

MTheatre (Bangkok), Nastro Adesivo 43 Teatro (Pisa, Italy), Actor Studio’s Performances (Bangkok) are some of the Resident Groups.

ALLEGRO MA NON TROPPOis also our “re-opening festa” after a great period of Festivals and performances in Italy

The place is open to every project aims to produce theatre of art or entertainment of quality.

Every project, either local or international, will get a real support of the ALL SOUL Production Co., Ltd.

The new venue is located on K.S. Residence, 3 Sukhumvit soi 54, only 300 meters far from On Nut BTS station.

The Cartellone ( list of events) for the 2013 is coming soon.



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