Bababoboa International Project

BABABOBOA is the general name of an international contemporary Art project that means “Crazy” as the majority of the population considers people doing Art especially here in city like Bangkok Metropolis. Every year a different subject will be developed.


Bababoboa first edition‘s festival title is PAURA/FEAR/KLUA. FEAR is a very serious issue for Thai culture, often full of Ghosts and terrific stories. But FEAR is also a feeling always present in all foreign community living in Bangkok: fear of misunderstand; fear to lose the job etc

FEAR is just a normal feeling of artist of all over the world, especially in this ugly time so materialistic: fear to be forgotten in some cabinet as useless puppets!

This feeling is developed in several different ways; privileging ironic and positive atmospheres to let the audience full smiling immerge in our Bangkokian challenges.


Theatre of Art, Visual Art, Multimedia are experiencing a tough season due to the hard international crisis. But every society may respond about their way to focus on tired business practices to accumulate materialistic goods. It is clear that we need to start a process of new cultural “Rinascimento” (Renaissance) to involve all Art communities and citizens.

Bangkok is great example of an international and permanent business “open-air workshop” where generally people look only to have some profit. So Bangkok is a perfect land to operate an interdisciplinary action in the field of Art and Culture.

This year is the time of PAURA, FEAR.

FEAR Poster copy

FEAR is an innovative project because it is, simultaneously cross-cultural, multidisciplinary and integrated, with a huge outputs and a financial strategy which allows long term sustainability.

The project is articulated in two main sections, linking in synergic way Performing and Visual Arts. Other sections will be involved supporting external communication of this event to a larger people as possible. Photography, video-documentary and publications will be main instrument able to produce vast range of outputs.


About khunmau

Writer, actor and director of Theatre and Multimedia
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